Meditation – da bomb!

Presentation1Oh good grief !! My mind has been going one million miles an hour!  How many of you can relate?  Ugh – exhausting isn’t it? To still your mind is pure bliss, to live in the moment a gift. I’ve messed around with yoga a bit and love it, in fact so much that I am going to school to learn to teach in Febuary. Also I’ve decided to open my own wellness center in town that will have yoga, massage, facials (cause I am an esthetician😉 ), bootcamp and personal training (cause I’m gonna hijack MarkOne Fitness), some nutritional stuff, skin care stuff – you know I’m about the anti-aging thing…   vaaanity ..and oh, of course my health and fitness coaching / Body Transformation 101: beyond diet and excercise program… Super excited!! Securing the name of the business now.

Ok – so back to meditation 😉 ….

Lately I’ve felt a tad lost, overwhelmed by life and just out of sorts…. Even though life is good, I’ve felt something is missing.  A self love, a self connection, a connection to the universe and all it has to offer…. who knows. I decided to go to a spritual healer in Littleton and found what I was looking for – a way to tap into my inner peace. Now I know this may be a little out there, but I had my cards done, which I love and also had a chakra reading done.  Chakras are energy points located along the central meridians of the body. For me meditation is part of getting mine re-opened. 7 of the 5 are closed.  Meditation is a means of transforming the mind which encourages and develops concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things. Stilling the mind for me was hard, so I found two guided mediation that I really like and do daily. Guided meditation is where someone walks you through thoughts. Inserted below are the two I use, one for the morning and one for night… there are however many many out there if you don’t like these.

So what has happened since I’ve started doing this over the last few weeks?? I have to tell you I feel calm, I feel peaceful, I feel less stressed… Chance? Not sure, but being able to take a deep breath and clear my mind when the crazy hits is priceless 😉

Give it a try – Namaste ~


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