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Beach Bodies are made in the Winter…….Week 1

Here we go….. Jan 1 2014 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So – this is me on 11/11/11 – 6 months before I turned 50. I needed something to motivate me to keep thing going in the winter and a professional photo shoot sure did the trick…. what will motivate you? 😉 Week 1 is all about […]

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Beach Bodies are made in the Winter…….

That’s right – if you want a hot sexy beach body this summer – NOW – is the time to take action. Check my girl Jenelle a beautiful 43 years old woman, as well as a Wife, Mother of 3 and a Grandmother – can you say HAWT! This amazing women just went on a […]

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Why can’t I keep those pesky extra pounds off???

How many times have you asked yourself this question? How many times have you gotten to your perfect weight and then gained it all back? It is probably one of the most frustrating things us women go through isn’t it? And here is the answer ladies….. WE DON’T PUT OURSELVES FIRST! How can we? We […]

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Can you really get rid of Cellulite??

I’ve been told yes, but am about to find out for sure….. But first what is cellulite?? By Definition: Cellulite is fat that is deposited in pockets just below the surface of the skin. Huh? how can something that sounds so simple be the most embarrassing, horrible, ugly things that most of us ladies feel […]

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Fit at 50 Baby!!

WOW! I cannot believe I did it or that I survived this last week!   These last 6 days have been HARD (I won’t bore you with the details, but you can find them on my blog under  if you want the low down). There are so many things going around in my head right now […]

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Can you lose weight too fast??

I know …… what am I nuts!! Anyone out there that has lots of LB’s to lose can’t seem to get them off fast enough…. but this my friends is a double edged sword and here is why…. Losing more than 1-2 lbs a week does not give your skin time to catch up with the weight […]

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July 21 2012 - 3 weeks to go

The Three week count down

Here I am letting it all hang out – good grief!  Wearing black March 11, 2012 – in the orange July 21  (3 weeks) before my 50th birthday…. That my friends is the look of 7 lbs and 15 inches lost in 4 months! In case you missed the why of all of this – here […]

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Excited lady

Down 4lbs in 1 week!!!

Ok – this is short and sweet, but I just had to share!!! FINALLY – the scale moved!!! How did I do it?  Ha – you know what I’m going to say….. I planned and I followed that plan … Planning + Consistency = Success! Ya it almost killed me, but I pushed through and […]

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Weight Loss 1-2-3 “4”

If only it was that easy… Well, maybe it is – The power of 4 replay – What if you could make 4 different choices TODAY that would make a difference in your health and fitness goals?? Interested … then read on 🙂 I recently attended a RCR chat with Valerie Waters which inspired me to write […]

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I love ice cream

Calories in??

Here I go again…. ugh! I am at a sticking point with my weight loss goals! I am working out, I am not consuming ANY adult beverages, and I think I’m eating pretty clean for the most part….. I do understand that lack of sleep is a stress on the body, which I am working on – […]

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