belly dancing

 LeeAnne Hebert

Certified Life Coach specializing in Health and Fitness,

Esthetician and Yoga Instructor


Around age 50 I was able to get in the best shape of my life… I am mother, a grandmother, after being laid off from a 16 year corporate position – a full-time student, I have survived divorce, and bankruptcy.
Today I define myself as a strong, happy, beautiful, vibrant woman with an amazing life filled with travel, friends, love and passion.
I am strong, confident, and fearless which has allowed me to find the personal independence and freedom I’ve always wanted.
Sharing my story and the success I’ve had with my own transformation has allowed me to inspire a following of women who trust and come to me for advice.
My Body Transformation program was specifically designed with woman 50 and over in mind, however will work for women of all ages. Woman who through being a loving wife and mother, employee, support system, lost that sexy vibrant hot tamale who existed before life took its toll. I have news for you …. She is still there.
In this program I discuss journaling, hormones, planning, motivation, self appreciation, body image, having a vision for your life, nutrition and exercise. If you want to make lasting changes to your body, Body Transformation 101 Beyond Diet and Exercise is where YOU WILL find success.