So, what is this thing called Motivation? Well by definition, it’s simply the direction and intensity of a person’s effort. Listed below are some things that may motivate a person to get into shape and want to be healthy…

• To lose weight
• To prevent or deal with a current health issue
• To reduce stress or tension
• To have fun
• To meet people
• Deal with moods and anxiety
To be physically fit
• To feel attractive – again
To deal with aging
• Or maybe a loved one is pushing you do it for any or all of the above reasons…

Now, what motivates you?

For me it was the 20 lbs I gained and the thought of having buying the next size up in my pants (to lose weight), the CONSTANT encouragement from my husband to lose it – (a loved one pushing me to do it – sorry dear), to feel attractive again, to be physically fit, and yes, the age thing… These were my motivating factors… but what actually motivated me to finally do it? Was it my husband, not really – I wanted to do it for him, but really I didn’t WANT to do it (sorry again dear). In the end I found it was my feelings about myself. I was tired of constantly “trying” to lose weight, and couldn’t understand why my current efforts weren’t working. I was discouraged and disappointed in myself, and had no idea what else to do or where to start…

If you start something, what you’ve really done is DECIDED to do something. This one little word is very powerful. I learned this from Celebrity Trainer Valerie Waters, and let me just say this – you Deciding to get fit and healthy is the first step to a whole new you. Once you decide, write down what it is you want for yourself – for example –  state the weight you want to get down to, state you want to fit in to your skinny jeans, state you want to be a healthy role model for your children, etc. These thoughts are actually going to help you begin to write your goals.  This first step is very exciting and – very liberating.

Next, put together a vision board – I know, I know – this sounded goofy to me too, but this is another little trick I learned from Val – and let me say this – putting your thoughts down in a visual form and being able to see them, will be a huge motivator in helping you reach your goals. I did one (which I attached) and found out a lot about myself – Put it in your closet, on your fridge, as your screen saver – wherever you will see it through the day. When creating your vision board include how you use to look or what you want to look like. Included things you love or would love to do –As you can see my vision board includes belly dancing, kayaking, yoga, weight training, water skiing, etc. From there you will be able to see what it is you want – and – get some ideas on how to get there. For me I could see I wanted a trim healthy body, to feel sexy or good about myself again, to enjoy the physical activities I use to enjoy, and to enjoy my life instead of just going through the motions.

it easy? NO. Is it fun? Well it can be if you find physically activities you like to do (the above vision board may give you some clues) like working-out with a personal trainer, walking the beach, hiking, kayaking, taking a Belly Dancing, Zumba, Tai Chi or Yoga classes, play tennis, taking an art class – find what is it that gives you joy or what you would enjoy doing? The more you do, the more you’ll enjoy your life, the more motivated you’ll be to be healthy. For me there are two sides to being fit and healthy… the physical and the emotional. Physical fitness is eating healthy and being able to physically do anything you want… Spiritual or emotional fitness is well, is feeling good in the skin you’re in, and allowing yourself to really enjoy life…It took me one full year to drop 20 lbs and about 26 inches… Some days I was definitely more motivated than others, but again the key is to decide…. Decide that you want to be healthy, and find things you love to do – at 47 I feel better and more physically fit than I did 20 years ago – Imagine how empowering that feels.

You have to ask yourself – “How bad do I want it?” If you don’t want it, then don’t do it – hey, it’s your life, but if you do – then baby steps will get you there… You do not have to kill yourself!


YOU DO have to do the work,
YOU DO have to be patient,
YOU DO have to put together a plan that excites you,
YOU DO have to find physical activities you like and make you feel good,
YOU DO have to eat more healthy, and most importantly,
YOU DO have to be consistent.

Motivation -the more you work it the stronger it gets. There will be joy and satisfaction with the effort you put into this -remember one step at a time!

As Earl Nightingale once said “Don’t let the fear of time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might as well put that passing time to the BEST possible use.