About Me

Hi my name is LeeAnne Hebert and I am a certified life coach specializing in health and Fitness. If you want to make lasting changes to your body, beyond diet and exercise is where YOU WILL find success.

Around age 50 I got in the best shape of my life and just like most of you I work full-time, I am a mother, a grandmother with a busy, busy life. So, how did I find time to do it? I learned how to plan and the importance of consistency. 

Planning + Consistency = Success

I also learned how to stay motivated, how hormones and lack of sleep effect weight loss, the importance of self-appreciation, self-care, and putting yourself first – and yes, the importance of eating right, portion control and what type of exercise gets the fastest results.

I’ve put all this information together to share with you so you don’t have to take 3 years of your life trying to figure it out like I did  – This blog and my 4 week program is my way of giving back and sharing what has worked for me and for others – check out My Story.