Guest Post – Adrenal Fatigue – Skala Fitness ….

I got this in my email the other day and wanted to share… Many people suffer from adrenal fatigue and don’t even know it. This information is fantastic.. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Skala 😉 Chances are you have heard of adrenal fatigue, but you may not be quite sure what it is. Understanding this […]

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Skinny Fat – UGH…..

Oh my goodness – news flash!! It is not a good idea to lose 25lbs without strength training! I didn’t really notice until just recently – and ummmm NO that is not my ass! – good grief…. But it did get your attention didn’t it? 😉 The good news is it’s fall and I have […]

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DOWN 25lbs!

Yup – you heard me right! Down 25 lbs from Jan 1st of this year!! Wow! and the best part is … I didn’t really kill myself doing it. I mean a few mini challenges here and there, but nothing like in the past. I’ve written other blogs on putting yourself first, self-appreciation, loving yourself, […]

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no smoking

The smoking experiment – REALLY?

OMG what was I thinking – Miss Health and Fitness picking up cigarettes after 30 years! I know! I’m shocked and appalled too!! The good news is I stopped. So here is what I found after just 30 days of smoking… At first – I liked it – kinda go high off it. Then I […]

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Time to take care of YOU!

This may seem like a very bizarre blog, but it happens to be where I am in my life right now, and some of you may be as well so of course, I had to share 😉 . Have you ever noticed that people come into your life when you need them most? I mean […]

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Sober in the Sun baby!

Wow – I just came off this 3 day event called Sober in the Sun and OMG – what a blast! This is a 3 day Labor Day weekend event full of fun, music, laughter and fellowship. It is a great place to bring families – no drinking drama. You can hike, boat, attend free […]

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go big or go home… NOT!

My lean for Labor Day Challenge was a bust – or so I thought… There were certain things I thought I needed to do to reach my goal – but guess what – I didn’t. I was getting ready to write this blog – ready to accept “failure” and decided to take out my trusty […]

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If you really want to lose weight…..

Ok – somebody put a bee in my bounette this morning – so here is the deal – do you want it or not? Think about it – if you don’t then don’t waste my time or yours, if you do I’m going to give you 2 very simple things to do. However, they are […]

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Living Life on Life’s Terms

My good friend Jackie took me Kayaking yesterday in Portsmouth NH – what a blast! It was perfect. We started the day hitting NO traffic (which is a miracle in itself) and ended the day with 2lbs of steamer overlooking the creek. Along with some great conversation with a woman I truly admire – couldn’t […]

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3 day refresh

3 Day Refresh by BeachBody Challenge

Soooo – my sister Jennifer McLatchy – one of the newest Boston Team Beachbody Coaches is doing the 3 day refresh Beachbody challenge, and I decided to do it with her starting this Monday. I am hoping this will finally help me break 140 and my ice cream addiction. I will post before and after […]

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