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8 Tips to getting fit! Week 8 – Sleep

Lack of sleep is the worst offender mainly because lack of sleep is perceived as stress to the body and can cause your Cortisol levels to rise which increases your appetite. Have you ever realized you crave junky food when you’re tired? I know I do. Plus when the body is sleep deprived it has […]

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8 Tips to getting fit! Week 7 – Take it down a notch

Are you finding yourself anxious, stressed and tired? Are you not sleeping because of all the things you HAVE to get done… been there, done that – and yes, I understand life is short and we all want to make the most of it, but at what expense? If you are so overscheduled that it’s […]

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8 Tips to getting Fit! Week 6 – Self Appreciation

This is where we start to get into “beyond diet and exercise”… Loving yourself is one of the keys to weight loss. The reason is this, when we engage in negative talk we are actually activating our fight or flight response – we are attacking ourselves. The fight or flight response produces cortisol in our bodies, […]

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8 Tips to Getting Fit! Week 5 – Move it

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get in shape! Honestly, just one step is all it takes. One turns into two, which turns into 20. Not everyone is at the same fitness level. When I first started getting myself back in shape it was not pretty, I could not believe how much strength […]

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8 Tips to Getting Fit! Week 4 – Food!

Great abs are made in the kitchen! So if we want this six pack let’s clean up our diet a little shall we? Oh and yup that is me a few years back… with a lot of work and the absolute cleanest I’ve ever eaten…. 😉 Ok – so I understand that this week’s mini challenge […]

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8 Tips to get Fit! Week 3 – Portion Control

So far we have covered water and the importance of planning. As I mentioned in week 1 your water intake should be about 1/2 your body weight in oz… I’m currently on track – yea! In week 2, we discussed planning and planning is huge… if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I have […]

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meal plan

8 Tips for getting Fit! Week 2 – Planning

Hello, Hello!! OK – How’d ya do with the water challenge?? I’m about half way to where I want to be, about 30 – 40 oz a day, but progress not perfection right! Once you master your water intake it’s time to move onto food. Planning your meals can actually alleviate A LOT of stress in your […]

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Water glass

8 simple tips to get fit! Week 1 – Water

I had a thought – which was, how fun would it be to motivate each other with weekly mini challenges? Each week for the next few months I will issue a mini challenge that will help us all build a solid foundation for our weight loss, health and wellness goals.   The goal this week […]

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8 simple tips to get fit!

Well it just about that time of year again… you know the time of year where we are like ok, on January 1st I’m going to start getting myself in shape. I’m going to stop smoking, stop drinking, and maybe stop swearing so much… We’ve all been there and done that at least once in […]

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Attract the life you were meant to have

Wow! What a concept!! A post I wrote on Facebook today left me feeling inspired. “Raise your vibration. Walk away from things that no longer serve you. We were all put on this earth for a purpose. Deep down we all know what that is. Discover your passion, your joy and live the life you […]

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