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The best blog on Motivation you’ll ever read!

Ok – well – I think so 😉 I am fortunate enough to know some very inspiring people who took the time to share with us what motivates them in their health and fitness goals – I hope you find this as inspiring as I do.   Sheila Viers – Live Well 360 co-founder, Life Coach, Game-Changer, […]

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Everyone needs a bucket list…..

How many of us are just bored to death with life….. I feel like I go to work, come home, go to work, come home, go to work…you get the picture – and this isn’t to say I’m not happy – just a tad bored with myself. This past Wednesday a friend of mine invited […]

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woman sleeping

How does lack of sleep affect your weight?

OK– I’ve been doing some research on how hormones can affect weight loss and have found three key ones ghrelin – the hunger hormone, leptin– the fullness hormone and cortisol – the stress hormone…. are ALL affected by lack of sleep – below are some snippets I took from the internet. What Happens to the Body […]

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Mini Challenge re-play – Self Appreciation!!

Week 6 mini challenge – Self Appreciation Posted on January 30, 2011 by LeeAnne     Welcome to the week 6 mini challenge – This week I want to focus on self appreciation. This will be a 2 part challenge… Part 1 – which I found very difficult, is writing down 5 things you like […]

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Ummm…. has anyone seen my motivation???

Ugh – I feel like Austin Powers when he lost his Mojo… Really I know what it is – it’s all life’s little stressors ganging up on me and pulling me here and there, and there and there ….. 😉 I just feel completely overwhelmed, overworked, and over it! So… what am I going to […]

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Just Be….

So here are my words of wisdom for today Just Be…. Take a minute and just be…. don’t think, don’t feel – just sit down, close your eyes for a minute and be with yourself…. It feels fantastic… HA – Must be all the yoga I’ve been taking lately…What is it that you want out […]

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Diamonds are a girls best friend – NOT!

Ladies, we need to be our own best friends – think of yourself as a diamond in the rough, what is it that you can do for yourself that makes you shine and sparkle? … and yes,  that’s me all glamored up in one of my Fantasy Photo shoot  pictures – now that was an […]

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Fantasy Photo Shoot

Recently I did a photo shoot with two very talented and amazing women Daphne Weld Nichols and Diane Dalpe, and let me just say WOW!  It was so much more than I expected…. Yes, I had been feeling in a bit of a rut, and yes the thought of turning 50 and not feeling good in the skin I’m […]

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Celebrating 100 Posts – WOW!!

Can you believe it 100 posts – who knew I had that much to say…. So here is the breakdown… Body Sculpting Do you need weights to change your body Happy New Year Challenge $30 Dollar Treadmill Interval Training the High’s and Low’s of it Kick A$$ leg workout When it comes to weight loss […]

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Get out of your head!!

So – I wrote this post around the beginning of September and forgot to hit publish 😯 … after re-reading it, I still wanted to share it with you – enjoy!! …I woke up this morning feeling completely trapped in my own head and overwhelmed by all the things I need to get done. My friend Silke shared […]

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