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Goal Setting

Today I was inspired by Sheila Viers Video blog at livewell360.com – Thanks Sheila!! This is the time of year when we take a look back over the last few days and realize we may have over indulged a bit. We may have been a little less than diligent with our workouts. We may have […]

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$30 dollar treadmill workout!!

Take a minute and start your new years resolution today! This is a very simple and effective 30 min cardio / full body workout that can be done in about 8 square feet with one piece of equipment – the Valslide – this little gadget can reshape your whole body and I highly recommend it – […]

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Self Appreciation

So I thought I’d join Sheila Viers from livewell360.com, and Mary Bess and Anne from my RCR Forum on their 25 day count down to Christmas and Self-Appreciation – I got a late start, so I started on day 15. Day one and two were a breeze. I think most of us can come up with […]

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The Vision Statement ….

This post was inspired by Valerie Waters latest blog post where she talks about the power of the brain and visualization. She says, “Intentions and visualization are crucial components of a successful training program. After all.. without knowing where you want to go, where do you begin?” Master Motivator Tony Robbins says, “With our mind […]

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Do you need to lift weights to change your body?

I say YES! One of my husband’s clients asked him if I train the same way now that I did 17 + years ago – this question was sparked by my 17+ year ago picture under “My Story” here in my blog. I guess if I think about it, the answer to this is yes […]

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