8 Tips to getting fit! Week 8 – Sleep

sleepLack of sleep is the worst offender mainly because lack of sleep is perceived as stress to the body and can cause your Cortisol levels to rise which increases your appetite. Have you ever realized you crave junky food when you’re tired? I know I do. Plus when the body is sleep deprived it has a difficult time metabolizing carbohydrates which leads to a high blood sugar levels and an increase in insulin.

People who continue to have sleep deprivation have an increased chance of developing diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and memory loss – it is basically causing the body to age faster.

People who don’t get enough sleep also have low levels of leptin (the fullness hormone) so they don’t feel satisfied, and higher levels of ghrenlin (the hunger hormone) so they always feel hungry.

Lack of sleep is a tipple threat to weight loss!

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