Attract the life you were meant to have

WPresentation1ow! What a concept!! A post I wrote on Facebook today left me feeling inspired.

“Raise your vibration. Walk away from things that no longer serve you. We were all put on this earth for a purpose. Deep down we all know what that is. Discover your passion, your joy and live the life you were meant to live”

Life…. it is not easy. We all have problems, we all have our ups and downs… For me, it’s how I choose to look at a situation. I can either let the energy of the situation drag me down, or I can choose to feel the feeling, embrace it and let it pass. Feelings do pass if we allow them to.

My friend gave me a book called falling into Grace, insights of the end of suffering by Adyashanti – it’s kinda deep, but on page 4 it says this “… many people’s lives are defined by the events that have caused them to suffer, and many are suffering over events that occurred long, long ago. These events are no longer happening, yet they are still being lived, in a sense, and the suffering is still being experienced.” Yikes! This so resonated with me… this same friend also once said to me …. To look at a past relationship that is now broken and causing me to suffer…. And to pick a time where things were at their happiest, let that bubble up and embrace the feeling of joy that it brought – now let the story around that feeling fall away and hold onto the feeling….. I tried this, and it was amazing – I was only able to hold onto the feeling for a few seconds at first, but as I kept doing it I was able to manifest that feeling of joy on my own without the story. My point is we are in control our feelings, we allow them to come and to go. No one can actually “make” us feel a certain way. So why am I bringing this up?

Recently I have been allowing past events rule my mind, things that I have absolutely no control over and that cannot be changed. I became a wallower, wallowing in my own self pity. For a while I have been trying to recapture a time when I felt great joy, when my life vibration was a it’s highest. I can see that feelings of self worth and not being good enough which was all self-imposed, stood in the way of what I am truly meant to be on this earth. That all my experiences have lead me up to this very point in my life, that every heart break, every loss, every challenge that has been unpleasant has been a gift, a growing experience.

My loss of love has taught me that was not the love for me, it has taught me what I want, TRUST and VALUE and what I don’t want …. the vibrational connection was not a match. There was something missing, I was compromising my beliefs and deep down I knew it was wrong. My loss of a 30 year corporate job gave me the opportunity to following a path that was intended for me. In my corporate job, I felt stifled, bored, unfulfilled, but I stayed because the money was good. Once I got laid off, which on some level I was putting out to the universe, I’ve been able to go to yoga school and became a registered yoga instructor, and I’ve gone to massage therapy school. In my soul I am a nurturer, a healer, a teacher, I have a need to help and guide others. My battle with losing weight in the past brought me to a forum filled with women who were supportive, kind and loving. I embraced what I was being taught, dug in and was recognized as a leader in the group. This set of a spark in me and I was able to support new comers and share what had worked for me. All stuff that filled my soul to the tippy top. Honestly, what a gift. After that I decided to get a life coaching certification which I have modified into coaching for health and wellness. I have a dream and it is going to happen. I have all the pieces of the puzzle now and just need to put it together.

As I mentioned earlier – We have all been put on this earth with a purpose. There is some hidden desire deep down in your soul, something you know you were meant to be. Listen to the universe, open your heart and allow yourself to live your dream, find your passion and be who your higher power intended you to be.





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