Are you enough ??

imageI was challenged by a woman I’m working with to dig deep and figure out what is holding me back from accomplishing and going after my dreams ….. It came to me instantly – selfworth…. My fear of not being enough…. Good enough, smart enough, talented enough to step up and share with the world my success, my struggles and what worked for me to overcome them.  Now that I say it out loud it almost seems silly.

I once heard a minister share a story about a dragon which resonated with me so much I still remember it to this day … The story goes like this…… a boys says to his mother… do you see that dragon over there? His mother replies there is no such thing as dragon’s… Each time the dragons existence was denied it got larger and larger and eventually got so big that it no longer fit in the house, and walked away with it. The father came home from work, his house gone, but found it just down the street. Walking in the house he says…. why is there a dragon in the house?! The little boy says… you see it too?? Each time the dragons existence was acknowledge it got smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared….. The moral of the story – any problems or fears you have will get larger if you ignore them, but if you recognize and address them, they lose their power and will disappear….

I’ve found this to be true in all aspects of my life…. If I address my fears and problems head on, they lose their power and eventually disappear…. With that said, I decided to address my fear of not feeling good enough and wrote a vision statement to help me remember each day that i am……

As you wake up each morning you pray. Pray for God to give you the strength to be what he designed you to be. Pray that you have the courage to know that you are enough in all aspects of your life. Yes, You are enough. Strong enough, smart enough, talented enough, kind enough, brave enough to have all that you were meant to have in this life time. You are worthy of love, joy, happiness and respect because you love and respect yourself and others. You know that whatever mistakes you have made there is forgiveness. Not only from others but more importantly from yourself. Knowing this allows you to move forward in your life, allows you to feel safe and at peace, knowing this frees you to accomplish every dream you have, everything you feel that you were meant to be deep down in your soul. You are worthy of all the abundance and joy the universe has to offer each and every one of us… The world is your oyster, your wonderland, your sanctuary. Take advantage of all the gifts that are yours, all the love and happiness you deserve and were meant to have. I want you to think it – I am enough, I want you to feel it – I am enough, I want you to say it out loud – I AM ENOUGH!

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