A vision statement for life …

military ballAs you wake up each and every morning you feel relaxed and look forward to a new day. That’s right, each day you feel relaxed, safe and at peace with the world. During the day you stop, take a deep breath and realized this deep sense of peace and happiness has followed you. You now understand that taking care of yourself before others, will help you to live the full and happy life you’ve always wanted. The thought of this gives you the inner strength and energy to push past all that is blocking you from achieving your goals. Life feels joyful to you, your new found energy endless, making it easy for you to accomplish everything you want and need to accomplish.

You now understand that health and wellness are the foundation for your life. You clearly see that being consistent in this area of your life is the key to keeping it in balance. In fact, you have let go of all your fears, and now trust that your family and friends are there to support you, AND you have decided to take full advantage of it. You are overjoyed to see that you have now freed up time for yourself – each and every day – just by trusting the people in your life who love you. You are motivated to eat healthy, get enough sleep and physically change your body. To ensure your success you plan your workout, prepare a weekly shopping list and your meals and snacks daily. You plan time for yourself; you plan time for your husband and time with your children.

You feel a deep sense of satisfaction with your life. Each day you allow yourself to relax, to have fun, to laugh, to love, to experience all the joy life has to give. By taking time for yourself, your life has become light and easy. There is no more stress and no more fear of failure, because you take the time each and every day to plan for success. You have full control over your life and are making YOU a priority. Anything you need to accomplish will be accomplished – any dream you have, will become reality – any goals you set, will be achieved. You are healthy, physically and emotional strong – you are un-stoppable!

if you’re interested in learning how to write your own vision statement contact me at mybt101@gmail.com

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