Everything Happens just the way it’s suppose to …..

belly dancingToday – I feel happy…. looking back over the past few months has been a struggle.  Life on life’s terms isn’t always easy….. I’ve felt stuck in my life and decided to hire a wonderful life coach – Kat Kim. She helped push me past my blocks – physically and mentally. I was challenged and as of today I’ve been able to meet those challenges.

I recently volunteered at the Sober in the Sun festival that was held over the Labor Day weekend in Rutland Mass. Leading up to that event was extremely stressful for me, not because I volunteerd, but because I signed up to run a workshop which I haven’t taught in a few years and to teach a yoga class. I have not taught since I graduated from South Boston Yoga in June….

Kat helped me find a vision for my workshop – it needed to be completely revamped. It needed to be 1 hour of  in your face amazing information, with take aways – yikes!  But I did it and it was amazing….  I talked about metabolism myth busters, top 4 secrets of weight loss, writing intentions journaling, planning, stress reducers- self nurturing, self appreciation, rediscovering your joy, having a vision for your life and the reset process. 26 people showed up, took notes and stayed to the end – it was truly amazing…..

The next morning I taught a yoga class on the beach at 7 am and it went perfectly.  When I told them they were my first offical class, they were amazed….. My training at South Boston Yoga paid off in Aces – so as of today I officially consider myself a Yoga Instructor!

My daughter is getting married to a wonderful man at the end of September, I could’t feel more blessed to have James as part of my family.  As most of you know weddings can be stressful – this weekend was the Bridal shower which ended up being small, intimate and wonderful!  I finally feel like I can breath …

The point behind all this is – everything happens just the way it is suppose to….. My workshop went off without a hitch, yoga on the beach – perfect, the bridal shower couldn’t have been any nicer…. All the stress and anxiety I put myself through didn’t need to happen… but I learned a valuable lesson – to trust and have faith in myself, that no matter what the out come – I am exactly where I need to be, doing exacly what I need to be doing, and feeling just as I’m suppose to feel… what a gift.

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