Beach Bodies are made in the Winter…….Week 1

lee_m3 Here we go….. Jan 1 2014 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So – this is me on 11/11/11 – 6 months before I turned 50. I needed something to motivate me to keep thing going in the winter and a professional photo shoot sure did the trick…. what will motivate you? 😉

Week 1 is all about planning and goal setting….. I think we can handle that right? Got your journal – ready to rock and roll – I know I am!! If you don’t have a journal – click JAN 2014BT101_Fitness_Journal for blog for a free download of mine!

I have already written my goals so I’m going to share them know…

1. Don’t worry – be happy… Each day I’m going to write down 5 positive in my things in my life to keep my mind focused on all the blessings in my life and stay off the pity potty 🙂

2. Read at least 5 pages a day of information to put a spark in my life – reading two books right now – The book of awakening which is written by Mark Nepo – “Having the Life you want by being present in the life you have” a daily reader for my mornings (thanks Jenny) and then Shake the world by James Marshall Reilly “It’s not about finding a job, it’s about creating a life”….. you get my drift right – if your an artist – find something about sharpening your skills, if your a parent – find something about enjoying your life with family…..

3. Exercise (3 to 5 times a week)- this my friends does NOT have to be a chore…. Find the time of day that works for you – find when you have the most energy and “PEN” yourself in! For me it’s the morning:
– 6:15 AM – roll out of bed onto my floor and gently stretch for 5 minutes or so to work out the kinks.
– 6:30 AM – 30 minutes of either Yoga, cardio or strength training (This can be done 2 or 3 times a week depending on how your want to start)
– 7:00 AM – Each morning walk miss chula… this is pure bliss for me – fresh air, watching her frolic, and moving. I love starting my day like this….
– 7:30 AM – Get ready for work…..

The Nice thing about the AM workout is I don’t have to think about it again all day long 😉

4. Planning and food preparation – This is a must! Food is going to get me 80% of the way to my goal. So (pick a day) for me Sunday before I go food shopping for the week works the best – and honestly I have to admit right here and now, I am not a foodie. I eat the same thing everyday, at the same time on the same days – it’s just easier for me that way.

5. Take / Make time for me….. This we’ll talk about more later in the Self Appreciation section – it is all about ME and YOU – don’t let anyone tell you different 😉

So those are my goals – write 5 positive things daily, put material in my brain that will motivate me daily, exercise 3-5 times a week, plan my food weekly, and take / make time for me. Not a bad start, right? Did you notice that 3 out of my 5 goals have nothing to do with diet or exercise? Did you notice the name of my blog is Body Transformation 101: beyond diet and exercise?? There is a reason for that, which well talk about more from week to week – but for now – get busy and get your goals together 🙂

Oh and check back daily if you want to see how I’m doing – going to post in the comment section each day – xo

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  1. LeeAnne January 1, 2014 at 3:09 pm #

    LeeAnne – Jan 1 2014 – Stats….. Weight 149.6; Chest 35; Waist 28; Low Waist 33; hips 39.5; Thighs 24; Bicep 12.5; Neck; 12.5; calf 15; Today – walked Chula – loved!; 1 min plank; 1 guy push-up, 12 girl push-up; Jan 1 book awakening; read 5 pages pm; food plan ready for the week; read 5 pages at night – really cool stuff – love it.

    Jan 2: – didn’t get chula walk in because of weather – too dangerous. Did stretch, did read daily ready which was great – talked about putting things down before trying to open the door – I’ve done this tons of time in real life and in trying to move forward in life. I do have to admit – trying to get back in the swing of things sucks hard…. I had to make myself eat breakfast, missed my am snack, getting ready to eat lunch now – ya – I’m eating mac n cheese with my dog; must get in at least 100 oz of water and and at less than 20….working at home is harder for me than being in the office and we are gettin hit with another snow storm…how bad do I want this right now – ummm – not much, but I will regret it in May… Right now gonna fake it until I make it and just do the drill – planning + consistency = success…

    Jan 3 – Got about 2 feet of snow – workout today 1 hour of shoveling snow – good grief! Took miss chula to doggie day camp – she needed some exercise too. Still struggling with my consistency, but it will come if I keep at it. Today my main goal is to get my water in…. Water can be a deal breaker. As I mentioned in my 5 positive things on my FB page – I can start over at any point – if I make a bad choice, I can make my very next one a good one. Another one I need to remember is “Progress, not Perfection” – I need to give myself a break. So since I’m working from home and our systems are down. Going to take a nice hot bath, stretch and then find out what the book of awakening has to say today 🙂

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