Why can’t I keep those pesky extra pounds off???

yoyoHow many times have you asked yourself this question? How many times have you gotten to your perfect weight and then gained it all back? It is probably one of the most frustrating things us women go through isn’t it?

And here is the answer ladies….. WE DON’T PUT OURSELVES FIRST!

How can we? We have the kids, the husband, the house work, and if you’re like me – you also have a 9-5 job on top of all that. So really who has time to think about their own needs, including what we need to do to keep those pesky extra pounds off our bodies??

I DO and so DO YOU!!!!!

We my friends, are the backbone of our families, if we are not there who do you think will pick up the slack? I’m sure things will get done, perhaps not to your or my standards, but they will get done. Which says to me there is some wiggle room in our jam packed schedule.

The real question is this, and I’ve heard this from many MANY fitness professional….. How bad do you want it?

Honestly – it’s about being organized and as a wife / mother / employee who is more orgazied that us, if we weren’t it would be complete chaos, right?

So here is the deal we need to pencil ourselves in first, we need to make an un-breakable date with ourself at least 3 times a week – personally I think daily, but do what you can to get the ball rolling. Make a date for a bubble bath, make a date to have lunch with a friend and relax – stress is up at the top of the list as to why people gain and cannot lose weight (click here to see why)…Make a date to walk, go to the gym, do a fitness video at home…. OH and most importantly – get some sleep. – lack of sleep is another weight loss killer.

Ladies….. take 10 minutes a week to plan your week – your “you” time, your meals and then follow that plan…. Planning + Consistency = Success!

And lastly…. This does not have to be a chore or a “forever” thing unless you choose to think of it that way…. It really is just an adjustment in your life geared towards your health through planning and awareness…

Enough said 😉

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