Chula Missing for 5 hours – Camping – Finding my Joy, and my workout plan for the week!

fireThis 4 day weekend was a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs…. I was invited to go camping with my sister and friends to a place called Jacobs Brook in Orford NH which is right next to VT…..

All packed and ready to go my dog, Miss Chula, bolted off after a rabbit. Thinking she was just in the back yard, I was horrified to find she was gone. I ran down the street looking for her, and then drove down the road with my sister looking. After 30 minutes I told my sister to just leave without me. I looked through the woods behind my house, I looked through the woods across from my house I walked around the entire neighborhood calling and calling – still nothing. I was convinced after 4 hours of searching she was just gone, my heart wept, the joy of my life gone in a matter of seconds.

I remembered a blog I wrote called “One person can make a difference” where I helped a woman find her missing dog. She told me she used this site called “Find Toto”, which I looked up and entered my information. For a fee this service sends out a doggie amber alert to your neighbor – I paid for the 250 call service. About 2:30 PM I got a call from a woman who said she had seen Chula 4 hours earlier on Stony Brook road which is a road right off where she and I walk everyday. So I looked for another hour – going up and down that road calling her name. Finally I couldn’t look any more I knew she was gone. I came home and packed my car and was going to head to the campsite knowing there was nothing else I could do. I had called the police, I had posted on “Find Toto”, Mark would be at the house if she came back…

I was so drained and sad, my stomach empty and upset I decided to stop for an ice cream on my way, and then took one more ride down the road she was last seen. As I turned onto the road the woman from earlier called me again – Chula was crossing Stony Brook and heading back towards my house. I couldn’t believe it – I caught up to her and saw Chula running on the side of the road – driving I tried to call her and even stopped a few times yelling her name – but she kept running…. she ran for at least a mile and a half – before I was finally able to pass the woman and her husband who were helping me so I could jump out of my car and yell “Chula! Come!” She stopped looked at me and jumped into my car. I could not believe it – she was missing for 5 hours in 90 degree weather!!!! I was sure I would never see her again – but here she was again with me alive – panting like the devil. God love the little imp. I brought her home and put her in the cool tub to try to cool her off and get her to drink water. Then the two of us finally headed off to the campground where everyone was doing a happy dance for us….My heart, my heart – thank you everyone for your prayers – they were answered and I am so very grateful.

From utter and total despair to utter bliss and happiness…. It took 2.5 hours to get up the camp ground, but wow it was worth it. Just sitting in nature, in peace and quiet with no noise but the babbling brook running past our site, the wind blowing through the trees and birds singing. I felt so at peace with myself – a sense of calm that I don’t often get to enjoy – it was amazing to me. Each night we sat around a camp fire and again just relaxed. Chatting, laughing, and snacking – with the fire crackling away…. If you’ve never tried this it is heaven on earth. I felt centered, I felt happy, and I felt peaceful…. I felt true joy each
and every day I was there.

It has been years since I’ve camped, I convinced myself I didn’t like it – but much to my surprise I do, in fact I love it. If you feel stuck in a rut or can’t seem to find your joy, write a list of things you use to enjoy doing and try them again. Two things may happen – you may feel like a kid again and you may re-kindle some passions in your life that you thought were long gone.

I have to say the icing on the cake was getting pulled over by a very cute young state trooper on my way home for doing 83 in a 65 and he let me go…. Maybe I still have it or maybe it was the pink bandage on Chula’s foot-regardless 😉 Yowza!!!

Oh and here is my workout plan for the week (kayaking is weather permitting):

Monday – 7 AM bootcamp / 8 AM 2 mile Chula Walk/ mid day kayaking / 6:30 PM Restorative yoga – took the day off…..
Tuesday – 6:30 AM 2 mile Chula walk /Noon – yoga at work / Kayaking PM
Wednesday – 6:30 AM 2 mile Chula walk / 7 AM bootcamp / Kayaking PM
Thursday – 6:30 AM 2 mile Chula walk / Kayaking PM
Friday – 6: AM Spinning / Chula Doggie Daycare / Kayaking PM

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