Oooops I did it again – week 3ish ;-)

kayakHa – 3 ish is stretching it, but I am still plugging along…

Last week was a pretty good week… I didn’t focus too much on what I didn’t get done but feel really good about what I did get done which was 1 ck5k, 2 spinning classes and several wookie walks….. Food was about 80% except for a few ice creams, water was minimal of 70 or higher and Friday I bought myself a kayak!!! Trying to get Miss Chula acclimated, but no luck so far…

Sunday was an AWESOME day – spent the night in Quincy with my sister and got up to do a 4 mile walk with the dogs on Marian bay – beautiful, beautiful, beautiful – took my breath away. After a late breakfast I headed back home and took my new kayak out for a spin on the pond. Can I just say “LOVED IT!” – The Kayak is a modular one so it actually fits in my little Jetta – super cool right? The next best thing will to get Chula on board. Need to get us both life jackets so she doesn’t drown us.

Again food for the week is planned and in the house which mean I have planned to succeed! Also have you noticed what I have been sneak-alee doing?? I have started to slowly surround myself with activities I enjoy and look forward to doing. Ok – so spinning isn’t my favorite, but I paid for it a signed up for all my classes in advance. 6:00 AM Tuesday and Friday and then 8:30 sat or 9:00 am Sunday. I set my alarm, have my cloths ready to go, including my padded short – which my hinny appreciates, grab a coffee and head out the door. By the time I fully wake up, I’m done.

Couch to 5k on Tuesday and Thursdays… alarm set at six am stretch, have a cup of coffee, and out the door Chula and I go. Again, by the time I’m fully awake; I’m back home and preparing my breakfast a food for the day….

Honestly people it is all in the planning no matter what anyone says and…. NOT HITTING THE SNOOZE BUTTON! As soon as your alarm goes off put your feet on the ground and move….. I am always happy I did…

Well that is it for today – I’m very excited about this week because I hope to get the kayak in each night for a little spin.

Hugs to you all – and what are you doing to help put success in your life? What do you love to do? Are you able to make time for it? It is worth it people – time to love the life you live!! xoxox

Oh and you MUST check out these workout desinged by Valerie Waters – “Hard enough to get results, but not hard enought to make you want to quit” quote by Me 😉 and there are videos – this is a once or twice a weeker for me as well

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