Oooops I did it again – week 2

huhhmmmm – no change in weight or inches this week…. bummer – don’t you hate when that happens? Isn’t that when you just want to throw the towel in and grab a huge chunk of chocolate cake? NOT! This is when it is time to hold tight and keep pushing forward. Take a look at your plan last week and see if you did what you said you would. Did I? Ummm – not totally. I didn’t get in the afternoon spins or my runs two very important cardio items. Honestly, after a certain point in the day I know I just won’t do anything but walk around the building. I liked the idea of spinning at 3:30 in the afternoon, but wasn’t feeling it. I am a morning person through and through.

Workouts this week – 2 boot camps, 1, yoga class, 3 morning walks with chula and 2 couch to 5k morning runs with chula. Sometimes our intention are good but the things we plan just don’t happen. This is where we need to take a deep breath and not beat ourselves up. This is where we need to just move on and see if something else might work better for us. As for me – I might have to think about the actual spinning class again. Let’s see where this week takes me…. If I still have little to no results something is not working.

Food – breakfast and mid am snack – my oatmeal / apple / blueberry and sliced almond yumminess. Lunch – 5 shrimp / a big salad and 1/2 cup of quinoa pasta, pm snack – choc whey protein, blueberry smoothie. Dinner – 4 oz of lean protein and salad for the most part…. oh and 80-100 oz of water.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Next week I should see some kind of movement if I stay consistent.

How did your week go? Can’t wait to check in again next week xo!

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