Ooops I did it again – week 1 results……

Thumbs upDown 3 lbs and 3 inches – whoot!! What does that say about me??? I was eating like crap!

Workouts this week – 2 boot camps, 20 mins of spinning, 2 lunch time walks, and morning walks with chula –

Food – breakfast and mid am snack – my oatmeal / apple / blueberry and sliced almond yumminess. Lunch – 5 shrimp / a big salad and 1/2 cup of quinoa pasta, pm snack – choc whey protein, blueberry smoothie. Dinner – 4 oz of lean protein and salad for the most part…. oh and 80-100 oz of water.

Next week more of the same… of course, I won’t have the same results next week. Most of that weight loss was retain fluids I’m sure.

How did your week go? Can’t wait to check in again next week xo!

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