Kick A$$ leg workout

Ok – if you’re reading this you want to see how my hubby handed me my butt on a platter today…

So before he handed me my but, he hands me this little piece of paper that says Get Lean —- Leg Training Routine… looked harmless enough, so I thought, but trust me it was not fun…

Here it is –

A) 1-set Step machine or Incline Treadmill 5 mins at fast pace

B1,2 and 3 are done back to back 3-sets

B1 Lunge Jumps 8 per leg
B2 Squat Jumps 8
B3 Body weight squats 20
… by the 3rd set I wanted to die

C 3-sets of each – Stability Ball – heels on top of ball hip bridges (6-12), directly into ball curls (6-12), hip bridges with toes on front face of the ball (6-12) – I think this is where the cursing came in…

D Walking Barbell on DB lunges (I used no weight) 40 (20 each let)

and to finish – as if that wasn’t enough – a slow distance jog. Yah, that’s right – OMG – so I did about a 1/4 mile at 5.0, then had to walk it – did 4.0, but only another 1/4 mile….

Man am I tired… but I will do it again 😛

One Response to Kick A$$ leg workout

  1. Michelle March 6, 2010 at 3:00 am #

    Wow………that's why you have the body a 16 year old would envy…not to mention the wisdom and heart!